Listen to the Latest Episode of DCMD’s Radio Show Featuring Chris Moore


Photos by Gevar Bonham

It’s impossible to have a discussion about independent music in D.C. without Chris Moore‘s name coming up. He’s put on hundreds of DIY shows in the city, plays in numerous musical projects and is also the lead organizer of Damaged City, one of the country’s largest hardcore punk music festivals. Despite his many roles and responsibilities, one thing is clear–he’s paved the way for a new generation of aspiring punk bands to make waves both inside and outside the region.

DCMD’s editor in chief Stephanie Williams speaks with Moore in the latest edition of Know Your Scene on Full Service Radio.

Listen to our latest episode here

Chris Moore’s D.C. music picks from Thursday’s show:

Snail Mail, “Thinning”

CDR, “Famous Bully”

Gauche, “Copper Woman”

Rashomon, “Develop and Genocide”

Genocide Pact, “Spawn of Suffering”