D.C.’s OG Lullabies Finds Musical Inspiration in the Cosmos

OG LullabiesOG Lullabies; Photo Credit Gevar Bonham

These days, 23-year-old violinist Taylor Brooke prefers to go by the name OG Lullabies. But her music isn’t going back to anything old school; this OG stands for zero-gravity.

“I love nature; I love being outside. I’m a skygazer,” she revealed to D.C. Music Download.

Self-described as electro soul and experimental alternative, OG Lullabies likes to “combine production with acoustic instrumentation into a fusion of sound.” Part of that sound comes from a deep connection within herself and to the world around her. But despite her cosmic worldview, the thematic elements of OG Lullabies’ music remain grounded and accessible.

“A key part of my music is the natural high. It’s being yourself, it’s staying true to what you want to put out to the world and it’s what keeps you uplifted as a being,” she explained. “The natural high is operating on the highest parts of yourself without depending on any influence or what the outside community wants you to become. It’s just you exuding what you like about yourself.”

Her primary musical influences come from classical and jazz stylings, specifically composer Sergei Prokofiev and jazz pianist Thelonious Monk. “They’re very rhythmic and very harmonic. Within their time periods, they did their own thing regardless of what was the social trend at the time,” she said. “They were never in that bucket of what was acceptable. I like to think of myself as doing the same thing.”

Her first major effort is an EP that she has been working on since 2014 and just completed this August. “It’s the most definitive project that I have today that reflects my sound and message the best. It’s a very concentrated effort.” The seven-track EP, titled cruescontrol, is slated for release on January 31.

OG Lullabies sees this record as a step towards being a full-time musician and using her music as a mode of self-expression and connection to others. She describes it as “sensational,” in terms of dealing with the senses. She doesn’t want a listener to overthink it, but instead, just feel it.

“I’m very much about inner realization. It’s a part of my process to be very in tune with my environment and what inspires me. I like to bring that outward into my creation.”

OG Lullabies will perform at DCMD’s anniversary show at Union Stage on Jan. 27. Doors 8 p.m./Tickets $16

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