Black Cat’s Forthcoming Renovation Will Include New Elevator, Bar and Entertainment Space

BlackCatPhoto Credit Black Cat

For Black Cat, celebrating its 25th anniversary this year will involve more than just throwing a party. It’ll also entail making significant improvements to the space.

The 14th Street venue will be closed for most of January to make way for the first round of repairs. One of the biggest additions will include a new elevator located near the front of the venue, making it easier for disabled patrons to access the second floor Mainstage. Previously the only other alternative to taking the stairs was using the freight elevator. “Accessibility has always been important to us,” said Black Cat publicist Maegan Wood. “The Black Cat is turning 25 this year, so this a great time to enhance the club.”

Aside from improving accessibility, most of the renovations this month will focus on the Mainstage–work is currently underway to improve the room’s sound system along with other minor adjustments.

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The January repairs are in tandem with the more dramatic changes that’ll happen during the year. Black Cat is moving forward with building a third floor and will begin laying the foundation for a bar there in January. There’s also plans to lease out its ground floor and add a stage and more entertainment space to the third level. Black Cat’s owner Dante Ferrando told Urban Turf that he wanted to take advantage of “prime street-level space” by leasing the first floor, which currently houses the venue’s Food for Thought cafe, Backstage venue and Red Room bar.

Black Cat will reopen on Jan. 28 with its first show of the year, featuring Canadian rocker Destroyer and Seattle’s Mega Bog at the Mainstage.


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