Listen: Dove Lady Knocks it Out of the Park with New EP ‘E’

DoveLady_01-1024x819Dove Lady; Photo Credit Mark Hoelscher

Compared to its eccentric and endearing debut full-length One, Dove Lady‘s new EP entitled E is more aggressive and anxious than its predecessor. Punk and hard rock are the dominant genres here, but there is still enough space in the gaps for alt rock, math rock, and folk-inspired interludes.

The fifth installation of a 26 EP series covering the alphabet, E is laid out clearly on opening song “DZ Theme.” The song starts gently, but the mellow instrumentation only sugarcoats a bitter taste. It starts with a moan, “Why is my life falling apart today? / I didn’t do anything.” When a wild electric guitar rips open the lazy intro into a punk rock breakdown, you have a pretty clear picture of the dichotomy of E.

The band loves juxtaposing dissimilar sounds and genres, and makes no apologies for it. In an interview earlier this year with D.C. Music Download, Dove Lady’s A.J Thawley confirmed this fact, “Why not crassly change a song from a blast beat to a smooth R&B tune?”

While that happens here, like on the funky breakdown on “Can’t Be Sad,” the mood change feels purposeful, not crass. When the bouncy beat on “Slapback” quickens, and with a scream, turns into a thrashing punk song that you can’t help but to feel on edge. Throughout the EP, serenity regularly gives way to aggression quicker than you can turn down your headphones in surprise. It feels like a carefully cultivated atmosphere.

By the time the EP ends in a series of beeps, knocks, and a distorted refrain, “I don’t know what to feel right now,” you can’t help but believe it.

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