D.C. Dream Pop Band Lavender Marks its Debut with ‘You Are In The Right Place’


Lavender, a D.C.-based dream pop band, has emerged onto the scene with the release of their debut EP, You Are In The Right Place. A five-track release, You Are In The Right Place succeeds where it puts gloss on top of gloss, layer upon layer. The songwriting surely owes some of its polish to the band’s shared history.

Composed of close friends and former roommates at American University, Lavender created the EP in a uniquely transitory period. Vocalist Sophie Boddorff was moving to Austin, and the band members were entering a new life phase post-graduation. Rather than emphasize those changing dynamics though, the EP title and artwork showcases the fondness the band has for their period of unity.

You Are In The Right Place was written on the front door because I used to have house shows, and the two houses we were next to looked identical to ours,” said guitarist Alli Vega. “It eventually evolved into a sentiment where I wanted people to always feel welcome at our house.”

The first song the band crafted, “Fade,” is the biggest and brightest number on the record, offering a shimmering wall of electro-pop noise tethered by a throbbing bass. The hook, “I’m feeling stupid baby, please don’t fade away,” is gripping in its delivery on the precipice of a burst of distorted guitar and drums. Listen to the full release below:

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