Watch: D.C.’s Dove Lady Emerges With an Otherworldly Music Video for “Ferbalicious”

Dove Lady

From Dove Lady’s audacious and essential debut album, One, comes a music video for “Ferbalicious.” It’s one of the record’s more adventurous songs, as the band explores through three distinct phases in under two minutes, and the new accompanying visuals only add to the mysticism.

Dove Lady, composed of Andrew Thawley and Jeremy Ray, are the Traveller and the Dreamer, respectively. The video opens on the Traveller stoically smoking a cigarette outside. He moves through a pool room, checks in with a receptionist, and finds the Dreamer, sleeping in bed wearing a crown of lights. As any good Traveller would do, he puts on a matching crown of lights and joins the Dreamer in his dream.

The intricacies of the story aren’t entirely clear, but the visuals flawlessly match the music. The whispers and slurred synths of the intro are dreamy, and the lyrics, “feel so radical / feeling so right,” complement the psychedelic undertones of the video.

Purely from an aesthetic standpoint, the video is beautifully crafted by cinematographers Julian Oliver and Nigel Lyons. The lighting changes in the first half of the video alone–the green pool room, the orange reception area, and the warm and cool dream room–are vibrant. The shot of the band playing among the blue strobe lights, faces covered in glitter, is particularly stunning.

“Ferbalicious” the video succeeds on the same strengths One does: rapid stylistic changes, a willingness to embrace strangeness, and pure musicianship. With the release, Dove Lady delivers a video that’s as pleasing to the eye as it is the ear.

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