Listen: D.C. Rock Duo Bat Fangs Debuts Its Fiery New Single, “Wolfbite”

Bat Fangs

If you’re finding the post-Halloween comedown to be a little harsh, “Wolfbite,” the debut single from rock duo Bat Fangs, might be the thrashing boost you need. At the intersection of Betsy Wright of D.C.’s Ex Hex and Laura King of Flesh Wounds, Bat Fangs is coming out of the gate with an absolute stomper.

“Wolfbite” is lyrically and musically straightforward in the way a jab to the face is straightforward. Wright chugs through power chords and snarls, diverting only to rip through a squealing guitar solo. King beats on the cymbals during the chorus as if the lights might go out if she stops and pushes the tempo anxiously to get back to it during the verses. The chorus, centered around the anthemic cry “You’re like a wolf bite / You turn my day to night,” is begging to be sung along with. The energy on the recording feels more like a live act than a studio cut. It’s loud.

If you weren’t sure while listening to the song, Bat Fangs makes their ‘80s rock inspiration evident in the neon artwork. But in this era, Wright and King are just here to make unabashed rock. To those familiar with Ex Hex’s killer hooks or the lesser-known Flesh Wounds’ frantic energy, you’ll find “Wolfbite” splits the difference in a beautiful way. There’s something for everyone here, and then a little bit extra, too.

Bat Fang’s self-titled debut album is slated for release on February 2, and the band will be playing a record release show at Comet Ping Pong on February 9.

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