New 50,000 Square Foot Vinyl Press Plant Will Open in Northern Virginia

Pressing Records

Vinyl pressing is a lucrative business, but there are only a handful of facilities in the United States that actually do it. Musicians and record labels have long dealt with increasing wait times and delays that have resulted from this shortage. Hoping to alleviate some of these issues is Furnace MFG, a Northern Virginia-based company that plans to open a 50,000 square foot plant in Fairfax by January of 2018.

Furnace has been in business since 1996, dedicating most of their efforts to packaging and distributing vinyl while outsourcing pressing to factories in Europe. Their new plant will house 16 pressing machines capable of producing nine million records a year. Most of those machines were acquired through a connection CEO Eric Astor had in Mexico, which turned out to be a pretty rough trip for his team when they went to retrieve them.

“We had some tense moments. Hiding from (rumors of) kidnappers was one, unexpected late night taxi detours through Mexico City back alleyways was another,” Furnace packaging manager Mark Reiter told Analog Planet in an interview.

When Furnace’s new facilities opens in January, the company also plans to give back five percent of its profits to charity.

“For us, music has always been a vehicle to push for social change, and we feel it’s our duty as manufacturers to tread lightly and pay it forward,” says Astor.

Furnace has released a video documenting their construction efforts so far, which you can watch here: