DCMD Presents a Conversation on Diversity and D.C.’s Music Scene on October 3


Last month, we had the honor of hosting our first panel discussion on race and music in D.C., which coincidentally took place just a few days after the tragic events that happened in Charlottesville. When everything was said and done, it ended up being a very honest and revealing conversation on diversity, a topic that felt almost too large to tackle in just one hour.

Picking up where we left off, we’re joining forces with Multiflora Productions and the Mexican Cultural Institute to present a panel discussion called Multiculturalism in D.C.’s Music Scene. We’ll touch on topics like breaking racial barriers in the community, promoting inclusiveness at local shows and venues, and a whole lot more. Diana Ezerins (Kennedy Center), Shay Stevens (Washington Performing Arts), Elena Lacayo (of Elena & Los Fulanos), Jim Byers (WPFW), Jean-Francis Varre (Sahel), Andre Johnson (Rare Essence) are confirmed as panelists.

The panel event is free, but we’ve got a very limited amount of space available for it. Make sure to sign up on Eventbrite and reserve your spot–hope to see you there next month.

PS–Multiflora and the Mexican Cultural Institute will co-present a show the following week at the Kennedy Center, on October 12. Check it out if you’re free–it features chamber music group Tembembe Ensamble Continuo.

Multiculturalism in D.C.’s Music Scene will take place on Oct. 3 at the Mexican Cultural Institute [2829 16th Street Northwest, Washington, DC 20009]. Doors 6:45 p.m./FREE