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Video of the Week: “E-meditation (Forever, Forever)” by The North Country

Screen Shot 2017-08-16 at 10.04.32 PM

The North Country’s music video for new single “E-meditation (Forever, Forever)” zips between the supermassive and the sub-microscopic.

The video opens as a square frame–measuring one meter on each axis–showing a couple out on a picnic. Soon, they’re just a speck, and every galaxy is just a speck, as the camera glides backward until each axis is a 100 million light years. The scale would be dizzying if it was comprehensible.

The hypnotizing visuals are fitting, as “E-meditation” is a similarly mesmerizing bath of layered guitars, strings, and chants. The delicately sung refrain, “I feel the infinite touch / I see the unending everything,” eases into the song almost unnoticed, but by the time lead vocalist Andrew Grossman calls, “Let it come and go,” almost halfway through the song, those backing vocals have expanded as much as the video.

Lest you think The North Country is exclusively concerned with the big picture, the scale of the video is rocketed back in to present one of the picnic-goers in intimate detail. The camera zooms into the pores of his skin, and beyond, until the final visual of a wobbling, presumably sub-atomic bundle disappears at one-thousandth of an angstrom. It’s as alien as the most foreign end of the macro, and as infinite.

The finale to “E-meditation,” the song, is also an ode to the micro. The commotion between the echoing guitar twang, ambient drones, and a half-dozen other sounds is psychedelic, particularly when paired with the video. Without the anchor of the vocals dominating the landscape, each delicate riff rises and falls from the forefront of the song. Sonically and visually, the chaotically serene “E-meditation” seems to be asking just one question–what’s the big deal?