Rising: Winzday Love Channels Pain into Soulful Blues Music


Winzday Love delivers blues with a soulful longing, but her sultry vocals makes the heartache all worthwhile.

She sings with a depth, honesty, and perseverance not seen since Miss Simone. Her voice is achingly beautiful, as if you’ve just walked in on her praying for sun, while making the most of a rainy day.

“Sad to say, but pain makes great music,” Love told DCMD. “Happiness, joy, love—that’s real too, but I connect with the inner thoughts of myself to get to how I truly feel for a piece.”

The triumph, heartache, and honesty she delivers is reminiscent of some of the greats like Erykah Badu, Sly Stone, Parliament (LIVE), Led Zeppelin, and Joan Jett, whom the artist lists as some of her main musical influences. Like her forebears, Love bewitches her audience with her alternatively mellow and raucous musical offerings. Her music resonates best when the crowd is open to experiencing a new sound, feeling, and thought.

“It’s felt best when it’s night and the moon can listen in and help me create that moment in time,” Love said. “Music really is creating a moment in time…together.” 

When she was about eight or nine years old, she began performing at the behest of her mother, who then worked as an activist in the region. This fact, according to the Love, accounts for her own activism, which one can hear in the self-conscious, principled tone of her music. Creating love through sound.

From her music, it seems that life is constantly pulling Love in two separate directions. In one breath, she laminates on life’s hardships (see “Queens,”) while in the next, she is honoring the ravishing beauty that is available on this earth plane. Herein lies the magnitude of her artistry—duality—a refusal to pick a side, but instead, to be all of who she is and embrace life and its infinite realities. Love does not and cannot fake the funk. With a voice that is deep-rooted and melodious, she bares her soul when she is high and also when she is low.