A New Documentary Travels to D.C. with GoldLink

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When GoldLink first dropped his debut project in 2014, he was reticent when it came to revealing intimate details of his life. Over the years he became increasingly comfortable in the limelight as his popularity grew, and in a new documentary, GoldLink peels back the curtain a little bit more into his personal life.

We are the Flowers in Your Dustbin, produced by video streaming service Vevoshows the emcee in his element–back in his hometown surrounded by friends and family. Through his latest album, At What Cost, it’s clear how much love GoldLink has for D.C., but it’s another thing to see the places and people that inspired his music.

The doc opens up with GoldLink, D.C.’s own Wale and several friends outside H Street restaurant Tony’s Place. There’s an immediate sense of community and camaraderie that’s emphasized throughout the 8-minute film, as GoldLink shares stories about his time growing up and visits some of the notable places that shaped his childhood. Watch the documentary here:

We Are The Flowers In Your Dustbin by GoldLink on VEVO.

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