Paperhaus Unveils Their Monumental New Track “Go Cozy”

unnamedPhoto Credit: Joshua Cogan

Longtime D.C. psych-rock group Paperhaus has released an epic seven-minute must-watch video for the first single, “Go Cozy,” from their upcoming album, Are These The Questions That We Need To Ask? Inspired by the social and political divisions that D.C. represents to much of the country, the album’s title challenges the listener to question their relationship to a world of rapidly changing technologies, environments, and ideologies. A prominent act in the D.C. DIY music scene, Paperhaus cultivates a vital sense of community in the “Go Cozy” video. The song itself is named after the D.C. band that shares a house with Paperhaus.

Most scenes in the video are composed of two or three frames playing simultaneously, stacked atop and aside each other. One frame will fall out of focus as the other sharpens, before a laughing face pulls your attention to the third. It looks like a typical night out–there are shady patios and a quick shot of a beer list featuring a local brew. Shaded by neon greens and pinks and blues, there’s a definite sense of place to the video.

The visuals provide a great representation of the song itself by mirroring its precise layering. The cohesiveness of “Go Cozy” is a product of an immensely satisfying attention to detail. From the buzz of the synthesizer flourishes to the subtle processing on the backing vocals, every element of the song feels intentional and necessary.

Attention to detail is what makes “Go Cozy” a seven-minute whir rather than a slog. Vaguely divided into three acts, the middle section in particular is stunning. Psychedelic, aggressive, and sonically huge, the three-minute instrumental has both the polish of a studio cut and the drummer-off-the-rails mania of a basement show. It’s the hallmark of a band confident in its vision and comfortable in its chemistry.

The chugging breakdown of the last act feels like the cab ride home from the show, and it’s just as exuberant. Even the way the closely-shot faces of the video make knowing eye contact with the viewer creates the illusion that “Go Cozy” is a chapter of a great story. Paperhaus has created an intimate, lived-in, (dare I say?) cozy experience. It’s worth every second of its duration.

Are These The Questions That We Need To Ask? is slated for release October 6 via Misra Records.

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