Ciscero and Sugg Savage Deliver an Intoxicating Summer Jam, “Poppin’ Wheelies”


As summer has settled over the District, hometown rapper Ciscero is back with a new track, the heat-baked throwback “Poppin’ Wheelies.” The song is another entry in the rich tradition of sticky, nostalgic summer boom-bap hip-hop.

The song catches Ciscero in a pensive mood –“I’m not a kid / Sometimes I wish I was a kid again,” are the introductory mutterings. That sentiment is the driving force of the song, a reflection on simpler times rapped with mesmerizing flows.

The details of “Poppin’ Wheelies” are hazy, washed out over the years, but the emotions of the past still feel potent as Ciscero barks the lyrics. “It wasn’t ’96 / But it was a hell of a time / I finalize this / High school days / Js and Foamposites / Oh gosh, Jasmine had the booty of a goddess,” play like the exclamations of Ciscero flipping through an old yearbook, falling into old memories for brief moments.

Sugg Savage contributes a technical wonder of a verse, too. “Frantic sugar-addicted, booger pick-flicking, verbal afflicted / Sat in the front of the bus cuz back of the bus was just for the cool kids,” is, as advertised, a snippet of a biography delivered by a kid on a sugar high.

Together, the exuberance of Ciscero and Sugg makes “Wheelies” greater than the sum of its parts. Those parts are just honest, playful memories. But as the song fades out over the echoing chorus, “Back in the day,” the simplicity of the premise is intoxicating.