Producers to Know: HYMN


Summer is right around the corner, and HYMN is a must have in your playlist. The producer hailing from Fort Washington, MD arranges soulfully mellow symphonies that serve as the perfect score to the season’s inevitable thrills.

His music is best felt at dusk, a time of day when we cast our worries aside and meditate on life’s conundrums and her beauty. Like life, HYMN’s music is dark yet vibrant. Many of his songs are named after locations and dates, serving as vivid reminders of where he was or how he was feeling during that particular time of inspiration. His body of work is a sonic documentation of the sweet specificity of moments that make us who we are and shape our perspective on existence, a fact that hints at his particular gift for grounding listeners in a moment while simultaneously whisking them away. HYMN, which stands for How You Make Noise—his mantra, places the execution of the sound above all else. “Sounds aren’t impressive because that’s all been done before; everything is the same frequencies,” said HYMN. “I fuck with construction.”

His music belies a quirky yet understated sense of rhythm, one that makes you want to hit a two-step. Ever present is the drum, looped with its constant, unbreakable groove. Before producing his own music, HYMN was rapping at the behest of his late best friend Avionadramida. He soon began making and sending beats to his friends, which began the dynamic duo that is HYMN and Sugg Savage, whom he deems his best friend.

If you’re not familiar, HYMN is the architect of songs like “Party Dawg” and “Let’z.” Together, HYMN and Savage create soundscapes that are uplifting, delightfully playful and, not to mention, inspirational. One of the driving motivations of his artistry is the realization that he is not alone, but that “this [life] is a condition we’re in together.”

Currently, HYMN is finishing up a project with Savage, an EP with Sir E.U, as well as an album of his own. Two of the three are slated for release this year. Taking into account HYMN’s desire to push the boundaries of collaborative, creative expression–and the fact that he is a force of nature within his own right–we should all be anticipating his forthcoming releases.

Check out some of HYMN’s productions here: