D.C. Musicians Share Best Life Advice From Their Moms


In honor of Mother’s Day, we asked a few of our favorite D.C. musicians to share the best piece of life advice they’ve received from their moms.



My mother taught me to question things, to be curious and expand my knowledge; to live and gain experience to learn and apply that knowledge. That being a human is beautiful, and the truest thing you can do for yourself and others is to be real with them. To love them, and care for them while also learning to take care of yourself.



Benjamin Schurr, Br’er

My mother taught me that the most important qualities in life are staying true to your spirit at all costs and hard work. Money was always tight and often elusive in our household but that never deterred my mother from working hard and taking extreme pride in her work even if it wasn’t financially congruent with her efforts. She always emotionally supported my artistic efforts, even though since her and my father are both artists she knew it would be a financial black hole in many ways. Both her and my father are in their 70s and still work almost every day; I’m better for it.



Avy Mallik, Near Northeast

My mom grew up in India, playing sitar and bass in music projects, and she never really cared that many people found it distasteful for women, and younger girls especially, to be performing at clubs and bars. She taught me to be fearless in my life decisions, and gave me complete freedom to forge my own path. Fifteen years of music playing later, with me blasting many speakers with loud punk, metal and jazz-fusion, she still won’t admit to regretting her advice to me. And she says that playing sitar with Near Northeast one day is one of her life goals! It would only be befitting to have not just Kelly, Austin, and Antonio asking me to turn down on the guitar, but my mom as well…

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