Fort Reno Summer Concert Series Opens Up Artist Submissions


While it hasn’t met its fundraising goal (yet), Fort Reno is now accepting band submissions for this year’s concert series.

The same rules still apply–send physical music copies only, no cover songs and no EPKs. Demos are accepted until Friday, May 26–here’s the full rundown of what to include in your submission:

  • We still ask for physical music demos…cd, tape, and vinyl. Homemade copies are perfectly acceptable, but please provide more than one song. We don’t book cover bands and ask that bands not play cover songs in their set. We don’t accept EPK’s.
  • Revel in the moment that you/your band can be more than a neat & tidy folder with papers in it. Just don’t forget to include your name and contact information.
  • We don’t need press information or pictures (unless you want to draw something for the refrigerator gallery); lists of shows or bands you’ve played with.
  • Include the URL for your web presence if you have that (it’s fine if you don’t), so there is no need to print out that material.
  • The concert series strives to encourage kids to start bands and participate rather than just watch and consume, so please tell us the ages of your band members. We are dedicated to supporting the music life of Washington, DC. Only artists from this area are eligible for consideration. Currently that is defined as within the Capital Beltway. All music styles are encouraged and welcome, however from year to year the aim of the series may change and that can drive selections.

All submissions should be sent to head organizer Amanda MacKaye.

Meanwhile, Fort Reno is still trying to reach its fundraising goal to help cover crucial expenses. MacKaye mentioned that Fort Reno needs to raise at least $6,000, and is encouraging the public to make a donation. To contribute, you can send money to Fort Reno’s fiscal sponsor, the Washington Peace Center. All contributions are tax deductible.


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