Premiere: Near Northeast Releases New Single and Music Video for “Indali”


Photo by Kip Radt

Avy Mallik, guitarist for D.C.-based band Near Northeast, once watched a mother and child drown after they were pulled out to sea by a riptide. The band’s new single, “Indali,”–off their forthcoming album True Mirror–is a culmination of years of reflection on the frailty of human life, a ripple spurred by that tragedy.

The video for “Indali” is comprised of found footage of waves. Little girls and boys plow into knee-high surf with reckless abandon, scientists model waves on archaic monitors, and huge waves break majestically against pillars of stone in the sea. Buoyed by a jangly riff that sways between dream pop and surf rock and accompanied by instrumentation from classical Indian musicians Soumya Chakraverty and Debu Nayak, “Indali” is a day at the beach seen through vintage glasses with rose tints, at first.

“The line is so thin between carefree frolicking and complete destruction,” offered drummer Antonio Skarica of the song. “Things are changing too fast.”

Ultimately though, the video is a tragedy, one that mirrors not only the song’s origin, but the band’s outlook on the state of society as well.

“We’re reaching a point where the consequences of our culture are becoming apparent on a global scale,” explained bassist Austin Blanton.

While the song releases tension as it progresses into an instrumental breakdown, the video spikes in intensity. Horrific footage of the devastating tsunamis in the Indian Ocean in 2004 and Japan in 2011 plays. People are swept up in rushing water, bridges are demolished like they were made of cardboard, and entropy reigns as houses, cars, and lives swirl in the surf.

The visuals are violent and jarring, overpowering an otherwise colorful song with grief. With “Indali,” Near Northeast suggests that the wild power of waves is mirrored in human nature as well, and that with the good comes the catastrophic.

True Mirror will drop on May 5 via Exte Records. Near Northeast will also have a record release show on May 5 at St. Stephen’s Church. Doors 7 p.m./Tickets $10 DOS