D.C. Rapper Airøspace Returns With Two Powerful New Singles


Writing must never be boring! It must not bore the reader, the writer…It must not bore anybody! You have to have juice in each line, don’t you see?

That snippet from an old Charles Bukowski interview is a mission statement disguised as an outro on “Dusk,” one of two singles released by D.C.-based rapper Airøspace in preparation for his Nocturne project, slated for release this summer.

“Dusk” is comprised of two juiced-up, stream-of-consciousness style verses that are jam-packed with obtuse tongue-twisters like “Lateral I’m laddering to lather up the latter holding chatter /This distractor disaster’s in this bottle.”

While Airøspace at times references concrete happenings–the death of his mother, listening to Clear Soul Forces, unprotected sex–the lyrics serve to paint an impressionistic picture rather than tell a coherent story. Rapping over a twinkling, reverb-heavy melody that actually wouldn’t sound out of place on a Clear Soul Forces record, Airøspace is regretful, mournful, and anxious to clear his head.

The second single, “I’m Just Fine Today,” abandons melody and nuance to better beat you over the head. Horrorcore strings and a booming trap bass give Airøspace the proper environment to just spaz. It’s not exactly a vintage Tyler, the Creator impersonation, but if you squint a bit, you can see the influence. Growls, shrieks, and howls litter the harsh soundscape, and it’s not supposed to be pleasant.

Clocking in at just under a minute-and-a-half, there’s no time to waste words, and the mood is efficiently set with the opening greeting, “Everyone I love is dead.” Airøspace is wise to take Bukowski’s advice to heart–sometimes you have to cut out the background information and just say “the thing.”

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