LEVITATE is a New Genre-Bending Music Series Coming to Songbyrd This Saturday


A house party atmosphere with a nightclub feel–there aren’t many events in town that offer a vibe like it, but a new music series promises to bring just that.

LEVITATE is the brainchild of local DJ and producer TKS (the Kufi Smacker). When he moved to D.C. from Delaware two years ago, he noticed a lack of events that catered to his musical preferences: low key–without the hype of table service, strict dress code and pricey bottles–but still had the same euphoric energy of a dance club.

“I feel like there is very few or no parties out there that provide anything like that…well, at least since I’ve moved to D.C.,” TKS told DCMD.  “There is either a strictly clubby event or an event with just all live performances. I feel like it’s kind of my duty to provide both in one place.”

LEVITATE will offer more than just a unique vibe. It’ll be a destination to hear some of the city’s most forward-thinking music. Each show will feature a mish-mash of different genres and sounds under one roof, keeping the energy high and the dance floor packed until the early morning hours. At this Saturday’s inaugural show at Songbyrd, you can vibe to the soulful grooves of rising D.C. artist Dreamcast, powerful rhymes from rapper Sir E.U, hypnotic beats of RobSmokes and worldly dance music of TKS, all in one night.

“I’ve played with and seen them perform live plenty of times to know they would complement the overall vibe I’m going for,” said TKS. “Expect fun times, good people, and dancing.”

TKS hopes to make LEVITATE into a monthly series that’ll continue to spotlight D.C.’s music scene. Before Saturday’s show, he’s also released a new mix as a taste of what you can expect at Songbyrd. Listen to it below, and check out the first installment of LEVITATE this weekend.

LEVITATE takes place on Saturday, April 14 at Songbyrd. Show starts at 11 p.m., and it’s a $5 cover to get in.