D.C. Shoegazers Venn Release Video and Cover of New Order’s “Ceremony”


D.C. shoegaze/dream pop band Venn has reimagined New Order’s song “Ceremony” for a new compilation album.

As a part of Rave On, A Madchester Celebration, a compilation of covers from the website The Blog That Celebrates Itself, Venn recorded the English band’s 1981 debut single. New Order was a reincarnation of Joy Division after the latter’s singer, Ian Curtis, died by suicide in 1980.

And now, Venn is bringing the song back to life in a ceremonious way, keeping their version very similar to the original but with a slightly faster tempo and a bit more rock energy.

Rave On, which came out April 11, is a project “dedicated to a whole delicious scene that made us dance and enjoy life intensely,” according to TBTCI’s Bandcamp page. The album is a collection of cover songs performed by bands from around the U.S. and the world. Also on the album are cover songs written by The Charlatans UK, The Stone Roses, The Soup Dragons, Happy Mondays, Primal Scream and James.

Venn began their guitar-plucking, shoe-staring days when Jon Fetahaj and Julian Earle started playing music together toward the end of 2014.

“[Julian and I] began going back and forth sending each other music that we liked or thought we should borrow elements from,” Fetahaj told DC Music Download. “We talked about the theory of art and things that we were inspired by.”

And now that they’re involved in Rave On, their music will reach many more ears and urge many more people to “dance and enjoy life intensely.”

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