5 Must-See Acts at This Weekend’s Damaged City Festival


Since its inception, D.C.’s Damaged City Fest has served to showcase some of the finest hardcore acts in the scene, pulling talent from the city itself as well as bands from all around the world. Now, in its fifth year, Damaged City Fest is hitting harder than ever, with well-curated, ear-splitting lineups.

The fest sprawls out over the course of four nights across three all-ages venues: The Pinch, St. Stephen’s Church, and the Backstage at The Black Cat. While you’re there this weekend, make sure to check out these five bands:


Thursday April 6, The Pinch [3548 14th St. NW, D.C.]
Tickets $10 (Walk up only. No pre-sale)
7 p.m. Doors/8 p.m. Show

If you’ve never heard the D.C. straightedge Connor Donegan-led project Protester bang through a set, this is you’re long-awaited opportunity. The quartet’s latest LP, Hide From Reality, is a newly-minted classic of the genre. These guys will like rip through a good chunk of the record along with a few old standbys.



Friday April 7, St. Stephen’s Church [1525 Newton St. NW, D.C.]
Tickets $25
5pm Doors / 6pm Show
It’s been nearly a year now since Orange County California’s Fury dropped their debut record, Paramount. Fury derive their sound from the ’80s-era youth crew movement and infuse it with hints of metal and melody. Dueling guitarists Madison Woodward and Alfredo Gutierrez thrash towards each songs end, in a race to the death feel, while Jeremy Stith loudly chimes in with lyrics that are as poignant as they are fervent.


Iron Cages

Friday April 7, The Pinch [3548 14th St. NW, D.C.]
Tickets $10 (Walk up only. No pre-sale)
11pm Doors / 12am Show

Not to knock the headliners, but sometimes some of the best and most raw shows happen after the main acts have packed up their amps and kits. And anyone who’s already amped up and looking for some more arm-swinging action would do well to check out the Laura Neuhauser-fronted quartet, Iron Cages. Ranging from no-holds-barred screamo to experimental noise rock vis a vi early Sonic Youth, Iron Cages are a solid accoutrement to the after-show experience.



Saturday April 8, St. Stephen’s Church [1525 Newton St. NW, D.C.]
Tickets $35
1 p.m. Doors/2:30 p.m. Show

São Paulo garage-punks Futuro bring a flair for the sounds of the Southern hemisphere to this year’s festival. Their songs echo the supped-up psychedelia of their forebears, Os Mutantes, and add in elements of surf-rock and grunge. Over high-energy riffs, dueling vocalists Camila Leão and guitarist Pedro Carvalho raucously document the plight of the working class in both Spanish and English.


Coke Bust

Sunday April 9, Black Cat [1811 14th St. NW, D.C.]
Tickets $15 SOLD OUT
7:30 p.m. Doors/8 p.m. Show

There’s no better way to cap off Damaged City and the weekend than by catching D.C. straightedge mainstays Coke Bust. As any follower of the D.C. hardcore scene can attest to, Coke Bust has been busting out some of the sludgeiest, briefest and bustiest hardcore anthems for over a decade now.