Verses Records Releases Compilation to Benefit Planned Parenthood


In the wake of last year’s presidential election, one very controversial decision that stands to affect millions of people is Donald Trump’s threats to eliminate federal funding to Planned Parenthood. As its fate remains in limbo, experimental D.C. label Verses Records has stepped up to help raise money for the cause through a new compilation record.

The We Stand follows Verses’ previous benefit compilation, Code Red, in which all proceeds benefit the ACLU. Over 40 artists representing ten different countries contributed to the record, featuring a wide-range of styles, sounds and techniques that stretch the musical spectrum.

We Stand opens with “Huldufolk” from Hrím, the joint project of Icelandic folk singer Ösp Eldjárn and London choirmaster Anil Sebastian. It’s atmospheric, multilayered composition touches on elements both symphonic and electronic. Montreal sound artist Sasha Ford’s Blankets project offers up the brief yet chilling “A Lifetime of Happiness;” a little girls voice eerily reciting the tracks title over doldrumatic synths and trap-style beats.

On the less electronic side, Leeds jazz-funk entrepreneurs Fold offer up the rhythmic number “Something Gives” with looped snippets of the eloquent writer James Baldwin sitting in on vocals. Brooklyn-based artist Camilla Padgitt-Coles delivers the futuristic, mind-expanding sunny sitar piece “New Energy,” under her Ivy Meadows moniker.

Guiville keeps the mellow vibes going with the atmospheric acoustics of “Fire On The Water (ft. Mercy Weiss)” and Peoria, Illinois solo pianist Sarah Schonert chimes in with short and very sweet instrumental, “Because I am Stronger.”

At a calamitous time in our nation’s history, many resounding voices are inquiring as to what they can do help make a difference. All it takes is just a few effortless mouse clicks and keyboard strokes to purchase the We Stand compilation. In return, you will not only support an important cause, but you also have the pleasure of listening to great music at your will.