New Music: Br’er Reflects on Hardships and Mistakes on Resilient New Single, “Help Me Live”


Br’er‘s new single, “Help Me Live,” is a retrospective view of a life’s worth of mistakes and failures. But with a twist, this life is mistakenly thought to be ending somewhat prematurely, which ups the stakes and makes the past mistakes seem that much more regrettable.

The tone of “Help Me Live,” from the group’s forthcoming record, Brunch is for Assholes, is noir throughout. The eerie synths creek and the programmed beats rattle like the chains of the dead. “Help me, help me, help me…live” singer Ben Schurr weakly pleads, and one can’t help but feel moved by it.

“Help Me Live” has Br’er sounding at the height of their powers, and is the culmination of many years working together as a band. Brunch is for Assholes is expected to come out later this year, but in the meantime, listen to “Help Me Live” below.

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