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Video of the Week: “NNGE” by Oddisee feat. Toine


Last month, Maryland native and accomplished emcee Oddisee released his fantastic new album, The Iceberg. The record couldn’t have been released at a more perfect time, as it wholly captures the current feelings, anxiety and frustration that looms over the country in the wake of the current political administration. But The Iceberg is not just about Oddisee illustrating the struggles he has faced as a Sudanese American and rising hip-hop artist. Its underlying theme is centered on resilience, and the ability to bounce back despite the cards that are stacked against him.

On “NNGE,” one of the tracks off The Iceberg, Oddisee along with featured emcee Toine rap about this perseverance among the African-American community, with their hometowns of Prince George’s Country serving as the backdrop for the song’s official video. In an interview with Time, Oddisee mentioned that living in the area had a profound impact on his music and was a big influence for “NNGE.”

“Through the eyes of my parents and the world that they created for me, growing up in Washington, D.C., I was around a lot of politics,” he said. “I don’t necessarily mean Capitol Hill and the White House. I mean the actual politics of society: the economic gaps between rich and poor.”

The video, directed by D.C. filmmaker Zak Forrest, shows Oddisee and Toine making stops at their favorite places around Prince George’s County. The gorgeous, cinematic visuals capture the essence and spirit of the song, which is one of many gems featured on The Iceberg. 

Watch the video here and all week on DCMD’s homepage. Also, make sure to mark down your calendar for April 20, when Oddisee will headline 9:30 Club with his band Good Compny.