New Music: “Alien” by Park Snakes

Park Snakes

Noir rock trio Park Snakes are the latest addition to D.C. label BLIGHT’s ever-eclectic arsenal. Their eponymous debut EP consists of ten songs, with the first five being originals from the band and the last five being electronic remixes from BLIGHT’s heavy hitters Br’er, Bruisey Peets, Tölva, Stronger Sex, and Crushn Pain.

The lead track to Park Snakes’ EP, “Alien,” is sparse and direct. It clocks in under two minutes, but I wouldn’t classify it as short as it is fine-tuned, an excellent rock song stripped to its bare minimum. Jason Coile’s hazy, dissonant guitar and Van Hillard’s snare-heavy, percussion beats provide the perfect milieu for Nenet’s calm vocals. “I am an Alien/I am a ghost/ I am a rebel/I am a rebel/I am alone,” she laments unstintingly.

Park Snakes is out now and available both digitally and tangibly on a limited run of 50 cassettes via BLIGHT. The band will celebrate its release at house venue Catbus on Tuesday.