Peer Review and Premiere Part 7: “In the Grain” by Young Rapids


Editor’s Note: Leading up to Young Rapids’ dual record release/farewell show with The El Mansouris, DCMD will premiere tracks from the band’s EP in our new column, Peer Review. Featuring guest contributions from D.C. musicians, artists, writers and more, get a listen to Young Rapids’ new record before it’s officially released this Friday, Jan. 27.  Click here to listen to the other great songs Young Rapids has released in this series so far.

I have respect for Young Rapids, the kind of respect where you got into a school yard fist fight and some how ended up friends. Not best friends, maybe in some ways you’re worlds apart. Every time I listen to these guys I get my ass kicked, and I fall in love.

A rainbow of emotions.

Last weekend was also this, a collection of contradiction. It brought into my awareness my insignificance in the grand scheme, ‘a drop in the ocean,’ but which drop isn’t the ocean itself? If this is the end, why does it sound like the beginning? As I listen to “In The Grain” I feel nostalgic about the past, curious about the future, and present to the reality that Joey Bentley owes me an actual fist fight. I got the gloves and the love. Mostly Love

I’m sure one day, in the not too distant future, I’ll pull this dusty record off an old shelf to play it for some young music lovers. I will then trap them into a 45 minute ramble about ‘back in my day’ a time America was in the grain. I hope that story has a happy ending.

If it isn’t already obvious…

I’m grateful for my friends and this beautiful music that was/is… Young Rapids.