Peer Review and Premiere Part 6: “Food Chain” by Young Rapids


Editor’s Note: Leading up to Young Rapids’ dual record release/farewell show with The El Mansouris, DCMD will premiere tracks from the band’s EP in our new column, Peer Review. Featuring guest contributions from D.C. musicians, artists, writers and more, get a listen to Young Rapids’ new record before it’s officially released this Friday, Jan. 27.  Click here to listen to the other great songs Young Rapids has released in this series so far.

Chain of Fools.

Resistance to the Vietnam War went viral once it became obvious that the violent death offered by the generals and the politicians was an equal opportunity destroyer. And then came Kent State and its awkward realization that, pushed beyond its comfort zone, this war machine would–with ice water calculation–put white youth in its cross hairs.

“American Carnage” – I know it well. White power eats black lives; not quite a law of physics, more like a well-rehearsed pageant. But it comes as no surprise, or breach of scripted ritual protocol, when Uncle Sam is, in spurts and seasons, a cannibal. A lot of guns in this shithole; one might assume there would be as many toilets. Your anxiety is logical. When Dilma Rousseff was removed as president of Brazil by a legislative coup, it was understood by those willing to understand that Brazil had made a dangerous turn towards a past that it could ill afford to repeat. After this war, there will be no flags, few guns, and lots and lots of ecologically innocuous toilets. It will be by these accomplishments that we recognize ourselves as a mature people.