Peer Review and Premiere Part 5: “Nice Nice Very Nice” by Young Rapids

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Editor’s Note: Leading up to Young Rapids’ dual record release/farewell show with The El Mansouris, DCMD will premiere tracks from the band’s EP in our new column, Peer Review. Featuring guest contributions from D.C. musicians, artists, writers and more, get a listen to Young Rapids’ new record before it’s officially released this Friday, Jan. 27.  Click here to listen to the other great songs Young Rapids has released in this series so far.

From the very first resonating chord, “Nice Nice Very Nice” seems to be the type of song to stick with a listener. Not just because it’s by such an impeccable band, but because of the sweetness in it.

By the final ambient sounds it’s almost as if you can still hear the steady drumbeat and soaring vocals, that makes me nostalgic for something I can’t quite recall. After listening to “Nice Nice Very Nice” on repeat I can tell it’s a classic, from the clean melodies during the verse and chorus to the electrifying bridge. “Nice Nice Very Nice” doesn’t bear semblance to Young Rapids’ previous work. Instead, it has a unique, bittersweet nature that only Young Rapids could make its own.