Peer Review and Premiere Part 3: “Sleeper” by Young Rapids

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Editor’s Note: Leading up to Young Rapids’ dual record release/farewell show with The El Mansouris, DCMD will premiere tracks from the band’s EP in our new column, Peer Review. Featuring guest contributions from D.C. musicians, artists, writers and more, get a listen to Young Rapids’ new record before it’s officially released this Friday, Jan. 27.  Click here to listen to the other great songs Young Rapids has released in this series so far.

Suspended between the ground and the sky, “Sleeper” defies gravity.  The listener is horizontally guided through a Neitherland that is both fluid and solid.  The music creates a meditation in the mind that effortlessly maps out the path. Floating forward, full of oxygen and an overwhelming sense of hope, the listener becomes aware that they are somehow not alone.

The weight of conscious thought begins to lower the listener. The ground, however, is no longer below, but above. Tumbling at an increasing speed, the listener reaches out. Panic. Further falling through the Aether, hopelessness. In an act of desperation the listener surrenders, astral projecting back, in a flush of bliss.