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Video of the Week: “The OJ’S” by K.A.A.N


K.A.A.N’s backstory reveals a couple things about how the music industry has, and also hasn’t, changed. Based in Columbia, MD, the emcee got his start by posting mixes on SoundCloud, a gem among thousands of songs that are uploaded to the streaming site every single day. As he grew his presence online, more people began to take notice of his raw, unflinching flow that accelerates at the speed of light.

His technical prowess is harnessed by his emotional and deeply personal rhymes that bring his speedy delivery to a more grounded level. K.A.A.N represents a new crop of artists who are building a name for themselves online, albeit in a very simple and traditional way–through just sheer talent and music alone.

On Friday, the rapper released a video for his latest song, “The OJ’S.” The concept of the video is fairly straight-forward–K.A.A.N rapping across various landmarks and backdrops in his home city of Baltimore–but it’s his rapid-fire delivery that’s the real selling point. Watching “The OJ’S” here, and also stream it all week on our homepage.