New Music: Greenland Delivers Its Best Work Yet on ‘Shitty Fiction’


As legend has it, Greenland was named in collusion by the first early settlers of Iceland to trick the Vikings into bypassing their country for the icy lands of Greenland. Forgive me for the likely faux history lesson here, but it inadvertently has a lot to do with Shitty Fiction, the new full-length album from D.C. rockers Greenland.

Shitty Fiction seems as much a ruse as the ancient myth I previously cited. Its title seeks to deceive listeners to pass it by, but one would do well to land on the shores of Shitty Fiction. Jamie Green, Tony Acampora, Michael Duran and Rishi Chakrabarty seem to have finally written the bildungsroman they’ve been striving for since forming Greenland. This is not to say that their last five records should be disregarded, only that the well-travelled listener can hear the ascension in quality which shows Greenland coming into their own as a band. Shitty Fiction is Greenland’s most rich and fully-realized record to-date.

Shitty Fiction bursts out of the floodgates with the wiry and hectic guitar-soaked jam “Antediluvian Nights,” which Greenland follows up with “Ghost at My Elbow,” another jaunty guitar rocker which sounds like a more nuanced extension from their previous effort, 2014’s wiry Give My Regards to Kielsgard. As is “Driverless Trucks,”with its jaunty guitars and punchy yet poppy post-punk esthetic, it feels mired in the beauty of The Replacements.

The rising action on Shitty Fiction occurs smack dab in the middle on “Appalachian Motel,” with its slogging, wanderlust tempo and measured, tribal drum thumps rippling with tambourine. It gives way to the record’s title track, which recalls the doldrumatic subservience of The Cure’s murky ’80s output. Greenland gets a bit more spritely, slipping into the Britpop vein on “I Got a Regret,” and then closes out Shitty Fiction with the instrumental jam session “After Dinner Mint.”

I also want to note here that Greenland is trying to put out a proper, tangible record on vinyl. You can pre-order Shitty Fiction through the crowdfunding site Qrates and help turn the album into a physical release.

Listen to Shitty Fiction here:

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