DCMD Video: Record Shopping With Ayes Cold


When asked what city she calls home, Ayes Cold considers herself to be from nowhere and everywhere.

Growing up, the rising D.C. DJ spent the bulk of her childhood in various parts of India and the U.S., which has shaped her eclectic sound. “I wanted to hear more experimental, globally-influenced and forward-thinking music on dance floors in D.C. and the rest of the world,” Ayes Cold told DCMD in a 2014 interview.

Fusing together elements like hip-hop, funk and R&B with a worldly sound, Ayes Cold has garnered a loyal following in D.C. and beyond. The DCMD team has also been a longtime fan of Ayes Cold, and for our latest Record Shopping episode we got to know a little bit more about her diverse background. Check out our latest video below and also listen to Aye Cold’s dope new mix if you haven’t yet.