New Music: “Vice Lord” by Footwerk


Footwerk is a D.C. band that draws from a deep pool of influences, but no matter how you interpret their genre-defying sound, one thing is clear: it’s music that’s meant to make you dance.

The group was founded four years ago, after Footwerk’s frontman and rapper Kyle Higginbotham posted an ad on Craigslist to form a band. After their first jam session, it was evident to the group that they had natural chemistry, and shortly released their debut album Casual Encounters in 2015.

This organic connection is also what drives Footwerk’s high-powered live performances. The band brings the spirit and energy of a mega-sized arena show with them wherever they go, from a 10,000-plus capacity festival to the cozy quarters of U Street Music Hall’s basement. This year has been a particularly fruitful time for Footwerk, with appearances at big-ticket events like Broccoli City Festival and Funk Parade.

Stretching their reach even further, members of Footwerk have begun to release solo projects under the moniker, the first being “Vice Lord.” It’s a new track from Higginbotham that also features Footwerk keyboardist Teddi Withers along with D.C. artist JusPaul. Throughout “Vice Lord,” the rapid-fire rhymes of Higginbotham take center stage, while JusPaul’s smooth vocals tie the song in a catchy bridge that adds an element of fragility to the track. Listen to their new track below.

Footwerk plays Funk Parade on Saturday, May 7 at the Industrial Bank North Lot.