Premiere + Ticket Giveaway: “We Like Money” by Carolyn Malachi feat. Michelle Blackwell

Carolyn Malachi by Derrel Todd

Photo Credit: Derrel Todd

“Music is freedom,” Carolyn Malachi once stated to American Music Abroad. Money is also freedom, and the Grammy-nominated Malachi combines both on her new single, “We Like Money.”

“We go to work because we gotta get paid/We like money/We’re so tired of working like slaves/There’s gotta be another way to make that money,” Malachi sings. The melody floats above the music like it jumped from Malachi’s lips. It lilts and tilts, ultimately winding its way up. It’s an appropriate vocal for a song about transcending circumstances.

“I wrote “We Like Money” for myself and for the people,” Malachi told DCMD. “Speaking positively has always served me well, so the lyrics are written as groupings of positive affirmations. I believe that if you need a dollar, saying ‘I don’t have a dollar’ won’t help you. Instead say ‘I’d like to have a dollar.’ This will prepare your mind to make that dollar.”

As a D.C. native, Malachi also wanted to bring the sounds of her hometown to the forefront.

“When I come home to D.C. from touring abroad, one of the first things I do is turn on local radio. After the Asia tour, I started wondering what it would take for go-go to spread globally just like the blues. What will it take for go-go to be recognized by the music industry as an official genre?” she said. The lyrics to “We Like Money” were inspired by Chuck Brown’s hit “We Need Some Money.”

The inclusion of Michelle Blackwell, a pioneering D.C. vocalist and performer who’s been dubbed “go-go’s leading lady,” creates a sense of community within the song. Malachi and Blackwell are not just cheering for each other, but they’re also cheering for all their listeners.

The band works hard for their money, too, especially drummer Wes Watkins, whose feet hit the bass pedal like they’re hitting the pavement. The keyboards and marimbas call-and-answer each other like they’re shouting to one another while hustling down opposite sides of a bustling street. The music doesn’t just create a sense of community; it is the community.

“Cut the check,” Malachi demands at the end of the song. For music working this hard? Gladly.

Besides premiering the new song, we’re also giving away a pair of tickets to Malachi’s big show at The Birchmere with Goapele on Wednesday, March 30. All you have to is fill out the form below, and you’ll also get a bonus entry by sharing the post from our Facebook page and use the hashtags #WeLikeMoney and #CarolynMalachi.

“We Like Money” will officially be released on Friday, April 1.

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