Watch Two Inch Astronaut’s New Video for “Personal Life”


It’s not even halfway through the year yet, but Maryland post-punk band Two Inch Astronaut has already dropped one of the best local releases of 2016. With the addition of bassist Andy Chervenak, Personal Life encompasses a fuller, more expansive sound compared to their last album, Foulbrood, and lyrically also opens the door a little wider into the inner thoughts of Two Inch Astronaut. But in their new video for the album’s title track, the band moves the focus away from them and instead places it on their fans via selfie sticks.

According to the video’s director Mike O’Brien to BrooklynVegan, the video was shot with just a $90 budget. The band powers on through playing “Personal Life” while a group of fans form a circle around them with their iPhones and selfie sticks in hand. As the song moves on, you can see all their different reactions as the video randomly moves from one person to the next. Some people are seen rocking out, while others look a bit confused as to what to do–it’s fun to see what type of reaction will come next as things progress. Check it out below, and catch Two Inch Astronaut open for Hop Along and Speedy Ortiz at Black Cat in May.