GW’s Radio Station, WRGW District Radio, Undergoes Big Changes for the New Year


By Jordan Snowden

After nearly two months of renovations, WRGW District Radio is reopening their doors and resuming their programming. Located on the ground floor of the Marvin Center at George Washington University, the college radio station’s confines underwent a complete remodel.

Since WRGW District Radio’s construction in the late ‘90s the station had not received any cosmetic renovations, and this became evident upon entering.

“It was both stuffy and homey at the same time, because of the sense of community and history it carried from our signature wall and old concert posters and vinyl to the ancient couches that every member had sat on probably going back even past the construction of our current studios,” said Jordan Grobe, WRGW District Radio’s general manager. “To me it was a blast to the past, rather than the face of the future of college radio.”

Renovations of WRGW District Radio’s station include new floors and doors

The remodeling of WRGW District Radio’s studio took place thanks to the generous family of the late Steven E. Smith, a 2008 GW graduate who dedicated his four years at WRGW District Radio’s sports department. After Smith passed away in 2010, his family and friends wanted to memorialize the place that held some of his most cherished college memories.

Smith’s family first approached the studio with the idea in 2012 and in February 2014 the station was officially renamed the Steven E. Smith Broadcasting Center. Around the time of the naming ceremony the plans for the remodel were put into place. To prepare for the physical renovations Grobe and his team disposed of unnecessary, old and torn furniture and reorganized and upgraded their broadcasting equipment.

To coincide with the renovation, their logo was also redesigned as well. The goal of the remodel was to update the face and feel of the station. New track lights, new hardware in the control room and resurfacing their studio table were a few of the bigger improvements.

“We hope that these renovations breathe new life into the station and make Steven and his family proud,” said Grobe. “I still remember the excitement and nervousness of walking into that studio on my first day, and I want the station to continue to inspire that feeling that what we’re doing is both fun and important.”

Programming for the spring semester begins today. WRGW District Radio is live daily from 8 a.m.-2 a.m. and features news, talk, music and sports with over 260 active DJs. They can be found here, and listeners can contact them with requests or just to say hi.