Donations Needed: The D.C. Library is Building a Go-Go Archive


Last year saw the birth of DC Public Library’s Punk Archive, which has brought in hundreds of submissions. Following its success, the library is now recognizing the genre that is at the heart of D.C.’s music community: go-go.

According to Derek Gray, an archivist for the library, the project first launched even before the Punk Archive was created. After Chuck Brown’s death in 2012, the library tried to build a go-go archive but was unsuccessful in its first attempt. But last month, right after Chuck Brown’s birthday, the library decided to re-launch the project, bringing awareness to the cause by hosting a series of events.

As of now, the library is collecting donations to build up its go-go archive. Photographs, recordings, flyers, set lists or any other items that preserve the story of go-go’s impact are welcome. If you’ve got a donation to turn in, you can contact Gray at