Live Music and Skateboarding Intersect For Kennedy Center’s ‘Finding a Line’ Festival


A skate park outside the Kennedy Center? Believe it.

From September 4 through September 13, the prominent venue will serve as a hub where skateboarding and live music intersect for a ten-day festival aptly called Finding a Line: Skateboarding, Music, and Media

For the event, the Kennedy Center has commissioned a temporary skate park that will mainly be used for open skate sessions during the festival. The masterminds behind this unique show are Jason Moran, Kennedy Center’s artistic director for jazz, and local artist and skateboarder Ben Ashworth, who both cite improvisation as an integral part of music and skating. “It is my hope that the improvisation that lies at the heart of both skateboarding and music will create new and different ideas for both communities, as well as the D.C. community itself,” said Ashworth.

The free open skate sessions will be paired with live sets from dynamic D.C. performers like Chain & the Gang, reggae/soul outfit See-I, harDCore stalwarts Loud Boyz and local rockers The Shirks and Old Indian, plus many more. On September 11, Moran and his band will perform in front of the Kennedy Center while pro skateboarders from across the country improvise their moves to the music.

Besides the skate park outside, the festival will also host a range of exhibitions inside, including a showcase of custom, hand-painted skate decks and photo exhibit on “skateboarding diplomacy,” plus a panel centered on notable skate videos.

Finding a Line kicks off Friday with an open skate session and performance from Loud Boyz. For the full schedule, click here.