Watch RDGLDGRN’s New Music Video, “Runnin’ Away”


While many bands feel the need to leave D.C. for entertainment hubs like New York or Los Angeles, RDGLDGRN has always had a strong loyalty to their hometown. “All of us are still based in D.C., and we’re never leaving!,” said Gold in a recent interview with D.C. Music Download. The fierce trio has managed to build a strong fanbase, receive national acclaim and attention from the likes of Dave Grohl and Pharrell Williams without ever leaving the District.

For their new song, “Runnin’ Away,” RDGLDGRN recreated the roaring energy of their live shows and packed it into one music video. Layered underneath the track’s pulsating percussion and uncontainable vivacity are poignant lyrics like “when I look at my reflection there’s another face/only thing I ever do is fuckin’ run away,” further propelling the song’s commanding draw.

The video captures RDGLDGRN’s unyielding devotion to their fans and D.C., with striking footage of their recent shows at U Street Music Hall and the Foo Fighters’ Fourth of July bash at RFK Stadium by Good Boy Media and D.C. photographer Michael Andrade. Besides the hometown love, the new video for “Runnin’ Away” shows how far the band has come, from filling a small venue to an enormous arena with hundreds of fans.

Following RDGLDGRN’s self-titled 2013 album, the group plans to release a sophomore album in the near future. Watch “Runnin’ Away” below.