New Music: The Drill by Redline Graffiti


D.C.’s Redline Graffiti generally defines its music as electro-rock, but The Drill proves that the quartet has a vast amount of musical depth and range than one label can accurately describe. On top of that, this release presents a more robust collection of songs than Redline Graffiti’s last EP, Space & Water, in December 2012. Sure, songs like “Treads” from Space & Water were fine, but The Drill takes everything one step up.

If there any changes to make on this new EP, it would be to put “Cuddlebug” as the lead song. While “Mayfair” has an intriguing arrangement, “Cuddlebug” holds the authority of immersing you fully into the release. “Scene Flowers” is another delectable electro-pop number that serves a great closing track to The Drill-and it’s also one of the best songs on the EP. But it’s not just the electronic hits that make this release soar: the rock/hip hop number “Junior June” is another gem that also closes out with a masterful guitar solo.

Redline Graffiti will be a part of the next installment of District Sounds-a new music series presented by Washington Post‘s Chris Richards. Get your tickets and then head down to Hill Center on May 9 to see them perform.