New Music: “Quadrants” by Tereu Tereu




Tereu Tereu is back with a new full-length album, Quadrants, which was released via Bad Friend Records today. The release took a few years for the band to compose and record, with a ’90s rock sensibility that sets it apart from their previous records. There are also songs like “Spanish Lynx” that boast a heavy electronic aesthetic that still manage to cohesively fit with the rest of the rock tracks on Quadrants. Tereu Tereu took a risk with this album, but the payoff is well worth it. For their loyal fans who still revere Tereu Tereu’s more radio-friendly tunes, Quadrants doesn’t go so far off the deep end that they have to start running for the hills. Songs like “Gratitude” prove to be infectious numbers that manage to suck you in effortlessly. Tereu Tereu will perform alongside Bella Russia, More Humans and Pet Parade this Saturday at Rock and Roll Hotel, and tickets can be purchased for $10. Until then, you can stream Quadrants below and purchase the album on iTunes or Bandcamp.