New Music: “Gilly” by Teen Mom

Teen Mom




Teen Mom brings back more of their warm and fuzzy pop offerings for their latest EP, Gilly. The record follows their successful debut release, Mean Tom, which set a high bar for their subsequent songs. Effortlessly, Teen Mom crafted some thoughtful songs for Gilly that are like sweet cups of hot chocolate to satisfy your music cravings.

Interestingly, there are several moments where the lyrics diverge from the cozy pop music, which makes the EP particularly striking. Instead of making proclamations like “I Wanna Go Out”, the band enforces a different tone with the song “Stay Inside”, noting that “…nothing fun happens when I go out” because I “can’t even get myself to give a fuck”. For others like “Say Anything”, the lyrics are acutely self-reflective “I know that I’m a liar/I know what’s on my mind/How I used to love you/Some other time”.  However, the lyrics are delivered in such a meditative way that it melds flawlessly with the music. Teen Mom also manages to deliver a wildcard with  “Kitchen”, which is a nearly seven-minute song that showcases the band’s versatility. The band will perform this Friday at the American Art Museum with Janel and Anthony, but before then, stream Gilly below.

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