Listening Session: Top 5 Show This Week


Tuesday-Deleted Scenes, Paperhaus, Vundabar, and Cereal Banter @ Paperhaus. Show 8:30p/Free

It’s a rarity to find a free show these days, let alone one that includes a solid line-up of performers. What sells this show is having two of D.C.’s indie darlings on one bill. Deleted Scenes and Paperhaus have the capability to headline any big venue in the city, but the best part of this show is seeing both of these acts in the comfort of a cozy DIY space.

Friday-Kid Architect, Satellites on Parade, and Night Idea @ Rock and Roll Hotel. Show 8p/Tickets $10

Experimental rock quartet Kid Architect couples the release of their brazen album Traveler with a celebration show at Rock and Roll Hotel. Traveler encompasses 11 stunning songs that showcase a distinct flavor unique to Kid Architect. The band is unabashed to stepping outside of their comfort zone to make something fresh for their audience.

Friday-Silo Halo, Ars Phoenix, Screen Vinyl Image, and No Paris @ The Pinch. Show 9p/Free

Screen Vinyl Image caught our attention way back when we were just starting up, with a trippy shoegaze album aptly titled Strange Behavior. Although they’re just a duo, they make themselves appear much bigger onstage with their powerful performances that are an experience to be seen. Equally as riveting are their counterparts, Silo Halo, who help seal the deal for this line-up.

Saturday-Black Dog Prowl, the Joy Kills, and Vinyl Side @ Jammin Java. Show 10p/$10 Advance/$13 DOS

A Black Dog Prowl show is probably one of the most high-energy local performances you’ll see. This rock trio really makes the most of their time onstage. For District dwellers, willing and able to make the hike out to Vienna, Virginia-this is a show worth your money and time to catch.

Saturday-Vandaveer and the Great American Canyon Band @ IOTA Club. Show 9p/Tickets $12

With all of the national and international touring Vandaveer has done over the past year, it’s great to see the group make time for a hometown performance every now and then. IOTA has always been Vandaveer’s go-to venue, but if anyone learned anything from Justin Jones’ performance there a few months ago, it’s that you better not be talking during a set-or else.