Rising Artists: Ploy


For Justin Victoria and Gil Wojcik of the Hyattsville, Maryland, duo PLOY, it was just a matter of getting to the right place and time.

The two friends had been involved with different projects in the regional music scene but with little overlap, especially while Wojcik was attending the University of Maryland and Victoria was in New York City. “This project was something we had always wanted and talked about doing, but things finally started to line up,” says Gil, “and we’ve been enjoying the whole creative experience.” To date, the duo has released a self-titled EP as well as a number of singles, most recently “VRDSNT”, which came out in April.

PLOY’s music drips ’80s electronic and synth-pop vibes, giving it a nostalgic, retro feel, but the band isn’t necessarily out to fill that particular niche in the D.C. scene, and their influences are certainly more wide-ranging. Victoria grew up with heavy doses of R&B, including Marvin Gaye, James Brown, and Prince, while Wojcik was a fan of pop heavyweights like Billy Joel and Phil Collins. The band cites Phoenix as a contemporary influence.

“Music is a huge part of both of our lives and we always knew we wanted to contribute in someway,” Gil reflects, adding that D.C. has been very supportive of the band’s music. He continues, “It’s always a humbling experience to interact with people after our shows and have them so genuinely excited about what we’re doing.” Whenever the two have hit the stage the response has been positive, leading to opening gigs for acts like Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr., holychild, and The 1975.

Right now the band is working on new material for their next EP and is planning to hit the road this summer to play some of their first gigs outside the D.C. area.

Listen to “VRDSNT” below: