New Music Video: “Little Sister” by Drop Electric


While it’s been almost a year since Drop Electric released their summer record, this isn’t indicative of the band slowing down one bit. With several sold-out shows under their belt in 2013 in D.C. and across the East Coast, Drop Electric has been a band in demand-but they’ve managed to compose some audacious new music this year. This morning, the band showcased a double treat for their fans-with a new single “Little Sister” (the debut off their forthcoming EP, Every Day is Your Last) and a stunning music video to compliment it.

If the look and feel of it seems similar to their last music video for “Empire Trashed”, its because they’ve once more utilized their cinematographer Patrick Ryan Morris to help direct, shoot and edit their latest offering.  “Little Sister” is one of the most emotionally charged videos the group has released thus far-and captures the breadth of the song flawlessly.