Discover: “XIX” by PLOY


Tired of this dreary, cold weather? Then D.C.-based PLOY has a song for you. The duo, comprised of Gil Wojcik and Justin Victoria, just released a new single from their forthcoming EP.

“XIX” is the sonic equivalent of driving a convertible along the Mediterranean coast—clean, romantic, and very European. The forty-second synthesizer intro sets the mood, repeating like waves on a beach, then Wojcik’s vocals drop in like a warm breeze. He sings nostalgically of young love (“Love me like you did when we were only 19”), all the while driving the song with a catchy synth line. This song, which sounds much like a love child of The Postal Service’s “Nothing Better” and Capital Cities’ “Safe And Sound” (with a little M83 thrown in), makes the listener want to dance in celebration of summer and cry over lost innocence simultaneously.

Download the song for free: