Listening Session: Top 5 Shows This Week

Stage Dive

Tuesday-Justin Jones @ IOTA Club. Show 8p/Tickets $10

You can’t go wrong by going to a Justin Jones show. He’s a veteran performer who knows exactly how to entice a crowd and pull-off a high-energy set no matter what the circumstances may be. The last time I saw him at Rock and Roll Hotel, he did a pretty brazen performance not only onstage-but offstage too, as he dove into the crowd to perform a special acoustic set. Joining him is Mark Charles Heidinger from Vandaveer, Laura Tsaggaris among a slew of other performers. This is a show to make a priority on any day of the week, let alone this being the best pick for a weekday concert.


Friday-The Kid Congo Powers Hour, Alex Minoff with full band, the Ar-Kaics (the Shirks and ex-members of Chain & The Gang), and DJ sets from Baby Alcatraz & DJ Cocobuttons @ Black Cat Mainstage. Doors 9p/Tickets $12

Doesn’t your head want to explode by just looking at that bill alone? Sure, the bill is a bit random-but there’s a whole spectrum of talent on this line-up, and that’s the beauty of it. The majority of the acts I’ve only witnessed in more intimate venues, and it’ll be a treat to see what they’ll do on the spacious Mainstage.



Friday-Bellflur’s Ghosts of the Handsome Skin – with Typefighter, Hundred Hundred, Susan Hsu & Emily Hsu, and the Echo Wall @ Strathmore. Show 9p/Tickets $12 Advance/$15 DOS

Bellflur hands down wins the award for the most creative album release show in the last year. Taking things up a notch, the experimental stalwarts enlisted their local music counterparts for an all-out art exposé. ExitClov and Echo Wall will also be celebrating their own releases, with additional performances by Typefighter, Bearshark, HundredHundred and the Ten Thousand. An accompanying dance performance, various acting performances, and a ton of artwork will also be on display for the event. Friday is a packed calendar of shows, but this is probably the most entertainment you’ll get out of 15 bucks.



Friday-Brett (formerly The Dance Party) and Misun @ DC9. Show 9p/Tickets $10

I’ve really been impressed with The Dance Party’s transformation into their new, more experimental persona Brett. They’ve really taken ownership of their new project, and it’s great to see the scene embracing them and the material they’ve been releasing. Brett is intriguing-they’ve put out only a handful of songs, and with each release, it only further taps my curiosity to see what they’ve got up their sleeves. There’s a certain mystique behind them-and it’s alluring. There energy mixed with the high-intensity Misun, a group that has seen a lot of growth since entering the scene mid-last year, will make delectable show. If you’re looking to hear some new tunes that may be on their upcoming EP, this might be the place to do it.


Saturday-Deleted Scenes, Hume, Imperial China, and Buildings @ Black Cat. Doors 9p/ Tickets $12

If you’re wondering where all your friends are Saturday night, they’ll most be at the last Sockets showcase ever at the Mainstage-as you should be too. This is a spectacular line-up that brings the legacy of Sockets full-circle, with Deleted Scenes coming back to celebrate the label’s last hurrah with Imperial China and Buildings. This show will also mark Baltimore-based outfit Hume’s last performance. How is this show not sold-out yet?