PREMIERE: Frau Eva’s New EP How Can You Sleep

Frau Eva

Just when you thought their 2012 album Underneath Eyelids would be the last of the exotic, avant-garde folk offerings of Frau Eva per their indefinite hiatus. The quartet strikes again with another release, an EP aptly titled How Can You Sleep. Songs “Underwater” and “Cosmophobia” were recorded last spring and released as stand-alone music videos, but are now being made available for your listening enjoyment. Last year, I called Underneath Eyelids as one of my stand-out releases of 2012, and whether their unconventional take on music is not quite your thing, you cannot ignore the talent that this group has. Drawing in my attention is the feeling of being alert and a bit unsettled going through each track of theirs-which is a good thing. It’s a bit of a thriller from a musical perspective-each song gradually unfolds its mysteries and bares its true intent, with “Underwater” and “Cosmophobia” being no exception. The EP is a free download, so there’s no excuse not to have it.