Listening Session: Top 5 Shows This Week

Stage Dive

Friday-Miyazaki, Motion Lines and Golden Looks (comprised of Hiding Places and Teenage Aviation members) @DC9. Show 9p/$8 DOS

If you’re looking to get a copy of Miyazaki’s latest album, Color of Glass, Friday at DC9 will be the place to do it. The last time I saw Miyazaki was at Ra Ra Rasputin’s five-year anniversary show @ Black Cat Mainstage last year, and I think this band has the potential to really branch out this year. Sonically, they’ve clearly revered their New Wave predecessors, but manage to twist the genre into something that sounds refreshingly contemporary. The band is quirky and eccentric-but it only adds to their charm.



FridayMy Show Friday @ SOVA. Show 8:30p/Free

My Show Friday is a variety hour hosted by DCist’s Valerie Paschall among a number of other comedians supplying the laughs and entertainment for the evening. On top of some shticks, Fire and the Wheel and Sam McCormally of Ugly Purple Sweater will be performing acoustic sets to round out the evening. To sweeten the deal, there’s also no cover, so if you’re looking for something a bit off-the-beaten path on a Friday night, this is your best bet.



Friday-New Order/Duran Duran Dance Party @ Black Cat Mainstage. Doors 9:30p/Tickets $10

Typically, I don’t put dance parties on this list unless it calls for a special occasion. After a six-year hiatus, the New Order/Duran Duran party is back and will be taking over the Mainstage for the evening. While my loyalty remains tight to DJ Lil’e’s monthly gig, Right Round, this seems like a fine choice if you’ve got the dancing bug in you.



Saturday-Young Rapids, Eastern Midwestern, Cold Fronts @ Paperhaus. Show 8:30p/Free

Young Rapids are beginning to stretch their talent into a wider net than just the confines of D.C.-with a tour this month followed by another one in late spring. Their show at the Paperhaus is one of just a few gigs in the area that you’ll find them performing in before they extensively hit the road. Not just that, but this moment reflects the best the band has ever been from a live performance perspective-from seeing them about a year ago to later this year-they’ve really taken the time to make a dynamic and memorable set. Seeing them in a more intimate setting like Paperhaus is an experience worth making the trip out for.



Saturday-Blankus Larry and the Ducts @ The Pinch. Show 9p/Free

I’ve seen Blankus Larry come up a number of times in various DIY show listings, but didn’t really pay attention to them until they put forth their most recent offering, Hell or High Larry. Listening to it, I was pleasantly surprised, and compared to their prior releases-this is probably the band’s best work yet. Not to mention, if their recordings translate so positively-then imagine their eccentrically intricate live performances. Definitely give this band a chance if you haven’t yet.